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10 Tips To Slingshot Your Social Media Marketing

The emergence of social media marketing has meant a direct portal for businesses to its customers. It is no surprise that a 2014 report by the Social Media Examiner, found that 97% of marketers actively participate in social media marketing. With an additional report by Hubspot; finding that 80% of marketers say that social media has impressively helped them to increase traffic to their website.

In this digital age, where it is imperative that a business has a website in place, social media marketing acts as far more than just an informational hub, but as a tool to serve clients and drive traffic to the company website. Recognizing the benefits of social media also means understanding the high potential for increased sales though social media marketing.

Top Benefits of Social Media Marketing:

  • Expands your audience and find new customers
  • Segment your audience to serve targeted content
  • Controlled relationship building platform
  • Improves brand recognition and increases loyalty
  • More opportunities to convert
  • Improved search engine ranking
  • Increased inbound traffic


An effectively implemented Social media marketing campaign has the ability to instantly improve your marketing efforts. Below are 10 Tips to Slingshot your Social Media Marketing:

1.) Leverage your expertise

Industry thought leaders tend to generate more leads from their social platforms. It is therefore vital that you harness your industry expertise when creating content. If you are a veteran in sales, a good idea would be to create a Youtube video discussing the latest trends impacting the field or a post on your company blog detailing how technology has changed the sales landscapes. Make sure you provide unique content that’s beneficial to your followers.

2.) Express yourself through visual content

Grabbing the attention of people skimming through their favorite social network feed may not always be an easy task, however, including a few images and videos in your post does an excellent job in breaking through the clutter. Play on the “fight or flight” psychology, attempt to lure your audience into clicking on your exciting and interesting images or videos.

3.) Offer rewards

A social media campaign where your fans are excited to see your posts should be your ideal end goal. Offering discounts and giveaways is a great way to get the ball rolling.

4.) Know your best times to post

Looking for the best times to post, pin or tweet? Studies by industry experts such as Hubspot researched the best and worst times to post. Post times may vary according to your specific fan base, it’s therefore best to pay attention to the actions of these fans and adjust your posting times accordingly.

5.) Avoid sounding to ‘salesy’

Social media users may be open to your marketing message, especially if it includes a few discounts, however, they will not want to be bombarded by constant sales pitches. Try to avoid promoting your product too aggressively, and focus more on providing content that serves to inform and educate your fans on subjects they would be interested in.

6.) Don’t be afraid to nudge your fans

The best social media platforms are those where fans tend to frequently visit and are always willing to promote your product for you. Whether you wish your social media platform to be used as a community forum for fans to discuss and promote your product or take a desired action. It is always best to tell them exactly what you expect from them. Asking them to share your post, give feedback on something specific within your content or signing up for a discount on your website can increase the success rate of your marketing efforts tremendously.

7.) Encourage staff participation

Advising your staff to ‘like’ your company Facebook page and share the content with their friends may increase your number of fans; but doesn’t directly correlate with gaining leads. Encouraging staff to bond and interact with one another on your business’ social media platform should do the trick. Staff commenting on content and giving their personal insights and opinions does a great job in creating awareness on their personal social platforms.

8.) Embrace social advertising

Social media marketing is traditionally an owned form of marketing, where a business has complete control of its content. Owned marketing is basically free and is therefore popular with small businesses. However, running paid advertisements on your current social media platforms is another powerful tool that should not be overlooked. Social advertising allows for targeted advertising; based on specific demographics, interests, social connections and habits. Since millions of people visit Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin on a daily basis, getting noticed on these platforms might mean that you have to use paid advertising on these social networks to enhance your overall social media marketing efforts. The number of people you wish to reach is directly dependent on your budget size – more traffic means a higher spend.

9.) Grow through analytics

A vital aspect of your social media campaign is to determine whether is was a success or failure. An analytics tool will help you collect reports, analyze the data and adjust your campaigns based on your findings. There are currently hundreds of free analytics tools you can download, here at Oneclickhere we prefer Google Analytics, however, there are numerous analytical tools and they often come with some automation functionality as well.

10.) Choose the right platforms

When it comes to social media platforms – less is more, take some time to decide which platforms will best suit your business and limit them to avoid spreading yourself too thin. Make sure you can be active on each platform at least over 2 hours per day, curating content, engaging with your followers as well as engaging with other brands and influencers in your niche.


Ultimately the social platforms you choose should be seen as more than just a direct sales tool, remember to focus on “being social” and not “doing social”. Use the platforms for their intended purpose, socialize with your audience. All of your content should work together across all your platforms to cultivate relationships which will inevitably help you to find potential customers that lead to life-long clients.

If done correctly, your social media campaign can be fun and still generate quality leads. It is however a full time job, if you do not currently have the time to manage an entire social media campaign, you may want to consider making use of a digital marketing companies social media services.



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